Saturday, June 28, 2008


After breaking my back a few times potting things up out of soil in the wheelbarrow i realized I had the perfect potting bench in storage... This used to be half of my kitchen in my last (and smallest!) Brooklyn apartment. There was literally 2 square feet of counter space and I looove to cook so I got this little rack to add to my countertop real estate and storage... and now poof it's been transformed into a super stellar potting bench! And yes, the wine rack on the bottom will most definitely still be used for wine! Yet another great aspect of being the boss... European lunches and 5 o'clock cocktails (since I don't close until 6!)

My most coveted gardening tool. the horihori knife, a japanese digging/weeding/dividing/everything tool, was um... accidentally left on top of the car last week when I was transplanting some flowers on the side of the nursery fence... Then when I left a little while later and got up to speed - 55 mph - it promptly flew off the roof and smashed in the street! Thank goodness no one was behind me! so I turned around (horrified) and picked up the pieces... the handle had just cracked in half along the rivets so I got out my wood glue and some clamps and fixed it up... Sorry little horihori knife - I really do love you!

I got my first order of potting soil this week! A customer ordered what turned out to be half a pallet, so I got to keep the other half! I also got some great plant fertilizers, rooting hormones and neem oil for spraying bugs!

This soil is the best out there...

I chopped up all of my philodendrons and made babies... they are really great house plants - very forgiving and don't need too much light. Aren't they cute?!

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