Friday, March 20, 2009

LAying stone

Thanks to a kind donation from my friend Keenan who works at the stone yard, I have begun a beautiful path from the driveway to the walkway/ front porch. It's a lovely Tennessee sandstone leftover from some big job that ended up in the "free" pile... It was quite a bit of weight for the old Subaru, but she brought it home! (After we put some air in one of the tires!)

Starting the dig in...

The other side of the front yard...

I found tons of these big nasty grubs & squarshed every one! (with the shovel! not my bare hands!)

Handsome fellow!


Some seeds starting to poke their heads out of the soil... germination station in full effect in the basement!



Happy Vernal Equinox!!!

OH JOY! THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! I am beside myself and will be spending a large portion of today planting stuff in my garden... I have some misc plants, who have survived the winter, left over from closing up the nursery last year.

This is a shot of our kitty Soloman, sleeping in the sun up against the rosemary shrub (must smell heavenly!) I spottedd him through the greenhouse window, therefore not the clearest photo!

Wild cherries gracefully sweeping against the edges of the woods....

Grape hyacinth

An incredible treasure... the entire back of the lot is covered in trout lilies! They're amazing!

Pure Evil

This article is completely insane! You May Be Arrested Soon For Growing A Tomato. All I can say is clearly this woman is a complete asshole....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I digress...

I finally learned to knit this January, thanks to my amazing teacher, Astrid. This is my first sweater! I must admit, it has become a bit of an obsession and other things, like folding the laundry, fall by the wayside...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Biltmore House

Paphiopedilum, Lady Slipper Orchid

Inside the hothouse

Big cactus!

Magnolia bursting open... YAY spring!

Winter honeysuckle (smelled great!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Full Moon!

Spring is around the corner when the Earthstars pop out of the ground! These crazy fungi are Gasteromycetes, or "stomach fungi". Their fruiting bodies are a stomach-shaped sac filled with dry spores. They are related to puffballs.

When it rains, the outer two layers of the peridium split and uncurl, forming a "star" with 4 to 12 rays. The inner layer of the peridium remains a closed sac. The rays spread with enough force to push aside leaves, raising the spore-filled sac above surrounding debris. Sometimes the rays even lift the earthstar high enough to break the connection to the parent mycelium. The rays close when they dry, and the sac lowers.