Saturday, June 21, 2008


We found this cutie sleeping on the side of the house! I think I woke him up while taking these pictures... bats are so great for eating massive amounts of bugs every night!

Ironically, my dear friend Diana got me this rain gauge in the middle of a crazy heat wave/drought! We haven't had rain for weeks! However, as I write this there is some booming thunder outside and Bandit has run off to hide in the bathroom under the sink... I told my roomie, Rob, we need to learn some rain dance moves! He waters his farm with rainwater collected from a gutter system set up on one of the outbuildings.

I pass this crazy moment in excavation every time I drive to my friend's trout farm & I love it! It's literally on the edge... What the hell happened here?

Uh-oh... any last words pal? He was squarshed immediately! On my zinnias that little f*%$@r!

ooooooo... Cosmos "Bright Lights" also planted around the nursery fence.

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