Wednesday, June 25, 2008

poppy portraits, pt. 2

I think this plant must be more mature than the one in the previous post, having these crazy raggedy petals inside the bloom... maybe she's just got her party dress on!

Had to call in my professional for sign assistance, math tutoring and electrical rewiring!

I'm learning how to keep ferns indoors, something I don't always agree with on a horticultural/moral level. Ferns just don't seem suited for indoors, maybe a greenhouse or wardian case, but not the dry forced air of a typical home... I have always struggled and they have always died... however, time to get up and over that mind set and now I grow ferns (I think I can, I think I can - that little train had such a hugh subliminal influence on my childhood and obviously now later in life)... proof being this happy little fiddlehead. Jeez, if not for any other reason, grow them to be able to say that word "fiddlehead"...

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