Thursday, June 4, 2009

progress in the front yard

Not helping, just being cute!

before shot...

I've been doing a good bit of digging in the front yard, when it is not raining that is! We got 9 inches last week! The rivers are overflowing their banks and the peepers are peeping in the yard! I put some shrubs in front of the porch
- Kalmia "snowdrift" nice big leaves for a Mtn. Laurel, compact 3'x3' heavy white bloomer
- Sambucus "black lace" purple leaved Elderberry
- Lonicera fragrantissima - Winter blooming honeysuckle
- Hamamelis "Arnold's promise"
- Calicarpa "Athens"
- Rhus - A chartreuse staghorn
- A deciduous azalea "Golden lights"

bud to cloom

Peonies! One of my all time favorites... At work we have several patches of them planted in the front yard and everyday we cut a huge bouquet to put on the counter. They smell delicious and if anyone asks we force them to take a bloom away with them! No one has objected yet, absolutely makes for a better day!

I love seeing the seed heads in the centers immature... then after all of the petals fall off they slowly ripen and burst open...