Thursday, July 24, 2008

what's blooming in the nursery...

Borage officinalis is sown in with the wildflowers flanking the perimeter fence... It is a really lovely little hardy annual, regularly self-sowing, and I found it is a great companion plant for tomatoes, actually improving the flavor! (next year!) I was originally introduced to Borage in herb school. Medicinally it is a tonic plant for the adrenal glands, it is rich in minerals, especially potassium, a tea made with borage helps to reduce fevers and ease chest colds, and an infusion of borage acts as a galactogogue, promoting the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

This is Phlox paniculata, I'm going to say it's "Davidii"... I once took a plant exam as part of a job interview/application and one of the last questions was "Least favorite plant" and I responded with phlox. Why? Because it has never been anything but a powdery mildew nightmare for me... until now... Now it is absolutely gorgeous! This was a transplant from one of my little old garden club ladies gardens and I'm sold... She is striking and scented and completely devoid of any traces of powdery mildew! Phlox, I'm so sorry I talked any trash about you! My guess with the why of powdery mildew is, once again, exposure and making sure she has enough airflow and is not overcrowded.

This daylily is also a transplant from one of the ladies... very sweet pale yellow with a softly spicey fragrance... nice!

This is Hibiscus "Southern Belle". A really outstanding red.

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