Saturday, July 12, 2008


There are all sorts of spiders all over the nursery and I try not to smush them unless they frighten me - usually in a jumping out and surprising me sort of way - or they are giant and deemed just too big... the nursery's just not big enough for the two of us, and you creep me out so... Anyways, I decided that this spidery guy is good feng shui in that he is guarding my lucky cat, who represents good fortune and protection, a symbol of Chinatown I could not leave behind me in New York.

This spider mess, currently located behind the front door, is a dilemma... Clearly baby spiders, but if I capture the whole webby mess in a solo cup and throw it outside quickly will they get on me? Something I would rather avoid...

Nice place for a Daddy Long Legs to nap! A few months ago someone told me that these spiders are lethal but their teeth are too small to bite us.. then he added that who knows, maybe they'll evolve into bigger chompers and take us all out for pulling off their legs as cruel kids will... Nice... now I'm paranoid. He does look a little bit pissed...

What to do with all of those extra pumpkin plants? Put them in the compost heap of course! There are 2 hot peppers in there too.

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