Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sand delivery!

My roomie, Rob, works at a stone yard. He is bilingual in spanish and leads crews of Mexican guys on installation jobs. He also has a degree in horticulture and a great interest in growing plants, so we have a lot of fun together! Here he is delivering the sand...

Bandit standing guard over piles of sand... It's funny because quite often his leash is not really attached to anything but him, so he just drags it around behind him and never runs off!

This is Caleb, a very talented metalworker who is making the sign for green nursery! I am very excited - his style is exactly what I had in mind... He showed up to do some work with Keith, but then when their plans were postponed, he offered to help me spread the sand! Woohoo! without his help I would still be out there raking it! Thanks Caleb!

While at the stoneyard on Thursday, I picked out this beauty to be the stoop outside the front door of the nursery! I just love it!

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