Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's really happening!

I guess that the reality of this business depends on the "yard" for me... I need a properly laid foundation to set the plants on! I rolled out and pinned down several rolls of black landscape fabric on top of the sand. Hopefully this will keep out mud and weeds!

Side note: notice my sweet temporary ride! Shane lent me his extra car, we actually liberated it from the mechanic when we dropped off my truck... it goes much faster than my truck! Thanks Shane!

Then Rob and Ron delivered 3 truckloads of really lovely brown gravel. Now, the brown gravel was a decision I had to make... You see, I was planning on regular old gray pea gravel, but then when I got the stoop stone and it has beautiful browns and reds streaking throughout... I had to go with the brown gravel! And I also wanted it to be several inches thick so the fabric doesn't show through and look crappy.

I got quite a bit spread yesterday before I started feeling my back... I think this will be a several day long project! What is more fun than shoveling gravel? Not much... maybe the massage after it's done!

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