Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Our house... a veryveryvery fine house,
with 2 dawgs in the yard,
life used to be so hard...."

Bandit and Mecca in their super new pen! They love it!

We have only one tiny strip of grass along the side of the house and it's a pathway! Yes that's right... we are Americans without lawn! woohoo! No pesticides, emissions from mowing, crabgrass or lawn envy/pretension! So far it has some flowers and herbs and has been used for some veggies... I have BIG plans for it! Those boxes are cold frames.

This is a crazy old fountain that Lindsay never used & looks like it would make a spectacular rock garden...

Composting heaven! and yes, the spinner totally rocks!

This is a very bad shot of the backyard veggie growing area... it's huge and "L" shaped... I'm in *loooove*!

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buedamau said...

now you have lots of virgin land to explore, and that nursery looks great! about the L-shape, dont forget to enhance the articulation with something cool, as u can see in S. marcus piazza at venice: the bell-tower works perfectly to join the 2 arms of it's L-shapped space...
i wish you good luck with it, couse lots of work are already inevitable!