Sunday, February 8, 2009

full moon

The moon is bursting outside in the night sky and it has inspired me to do some research on gardening by the moon. An ancient practice based on the same theory of the moon pulling the ocean tides, it also draws on subtle bodies of water, causing moisture to rise in the earth, encouraging growth.

What I've learned so far... In the first quarter, the new moon, causes seeds to swell. This and increasing moonlight creates balanced root and leaf growth.Planting seeds in the new moon allows them to germinate in time for rapid growth brought on by the full moon, strong moonlight = rapid leaf growth. Seeds will absorb the most water at the time of the full moon. This is the time to plant above ground crops.

I've been a bit slack buying my seeds this year, so I might plant some tomorrow and I might wait some for next month... Coming soon: germination station!

Happy full moon!

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DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Very interesting. I was just reading a book last night called Organic Gardening by Charles Dowding. I was reading about beets. He states that beets have rings, like trees, you can view when you cut into them. He's found that by working back from picking date to sowing date, there is usually a ring for each lunar month. And it makes sense because the tides are affected by the moon- why wouldn't everything else be? Very cool. I may have to look into this.