Monday, April 14, 2008


We have several ancient apple trees in the yard, all blooming beautifully, dropping petals... The pink blooming apple is over the driveway and after the rain, there were petal puddles!

The concrete footer cured and Caleb set up the sign! It blows in the wind a little bit too!

Iris cristata blooming!

A minor/major detail... the receipts and clipboard thingies that hold them... When people buy (all of) the plants we're selling, we'll write up the details on these custom made receipts! There are 2 layers, so the custie gets the yellow copy... And yes, I changed the traditional "Thank you for your business" to "Have a beautiful day!"

Everyone keeps pestering me to post shots of the inside of the space, so here's the big ol' mess... It's actually coming together quite nicely considering there is no real storage space to hide anything! All of the plants are massed together on a sheet of insulation with a heating pad underneath since it has been close to freezing the past couple of nights... yeeeeessss, that is an Australian tree fern! *sigh*

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