Thursday, June 4, 2009

progress in the front yard

Not helping, just being cute!

before shot...

I've been doing a good bit of digging in the front yard, when it is not raining that is! We got 9 inches last week! The rivers are overflowing their banks and the peepers are peeping in the yard! I put some shrubs in front of the porch
- Kalmia "snowdrift" nice big leaves for a Mtn. Laurel, compact 3'x3' heavy white bloomer
- Sambucus "black lace" purple leaved Elderberry
- Lonicera fragrantissima - Winter blooming honeysuckle
- Hamamelis "Arnold's promise"
- Calicarpa "Athens"
- Rhus - A chartreuse staghorn
- A deciduous azalea "Golden lights"


Marie said...

Hey Katie - I've just caught up with your blog :-) Good stuff happening. Will you make elderflower cordial, do you think - Have you read Stalking the Wild Aspargus?

I'm so jealous of your trout lilies...

Nancy Lewis said...

Katie, my sister lives in Asheville, and I get to come see her once in a while! She is friends with a sign maker, Gary Pless, who lives in Brevard.
I have a kitty who looks a lot like yours. He is no help, either, but he's going on 18, so I give him a break. I have a nice catnip patch that he likes to nap in, and
I have a funny movie of him in it.
I like your photography.