Monday, October 13, 2008

closing the nursery

Due to redneck strife, I have packed up the nursery and moved on... One of my better decisions I must say! There are some very exciting developments in the future of Green nursery - but all is on the downlow for the time being... Some snaps from the day we tore it all down...

Birdhouse gourds going crazy on the fence! There were so many hidden away under lush foliage - I was shocked! I did find a really cool design for a gourd lamp online... hmmm... could be some holiday gifts...!

Luffa gourds also growing on the fence

Moonflower ready to burst open

Mina Lobata "Spanish Flag" on the fencepost


Chris said...

Oh crap - I'm so sorry to hear it's being closed. What's next?

katie said...

going to wait to see who wins the election! may have to leave the country!

Chris said...

I'm right there with you - we're dead set on Europe!